Vastu Shastra is an ancient Vedic science of architecture and layout planning of the buildings and it manages cosmic energies in the structures. It takes advantage and benefits of nature, it’s elements and energy fields to enhance health, wealth and prosperity of the people residing in the building in a most scientific way. These guiding principles, which connect humans with nature, can enable positive energies to fill the structure and create an atmosphere conducive to success, peace, and happiness. 


When some Vastu Shastra principles are not followed in construction or designing the home, there may arise some flaws or deficiencies which could disturb the structure’s perfect alignment with nature and cause harm or disturbance to the lives of the people living or working there. 


We offer Vastu Foundation course to learn and create balance in your home and provide online and on site consultation services.



Vastu Foundation Course for Home

From September 21st - October 12th

8:00 PM EST - 9:30 AM PST

90 minutes sessions



Tuesday, September 21st (Free Trial Class)

Tuesday, September 28th

Tuesday, October 5th

Tuesday, October 12th


Cost: $150


The course is designed for beginners to create a solid foundation to understand vastu in a scientific way. Students will also learn how to take degrees, grid your home and make the scale house plan in order to apply vastu correctly. We are not discussing personal issues, or giving remedies for them, but you’re getting trained to understand the logic and create your own remedies based on the imbalance and issue you might be seeing and balance them without any demolition or structural 



In addition to the course, you also get a month of support either through emails or free consultation for 1 hour on the phone to clarify course material or answer any doubts.


You’ll Learn:

 -Introduction of Vastu shastra

-5 Elements in details

-Directions, 16 zones and their attributes

-How to take degrees, grid home and get the center of your home

-Effects of 32 entrances

-Impact of  toilet, kitchen and various activities in different zones

-How to balance your home and create simple remedies

Consulting Services

Vastu for New or Existing Home


Currently we do online or on site visit vastu consultancy. In both types of consultation, you need to provide the following:


- A proper house and plot plan or an accurate line sketch with correct directions/degrees

- All majot utilities and objects marked in the map

- Description of the problem/issue

- We might need a video tour and pictures of inside and outside of the home


We'll analyze the map, evaluate the problem and give you a solution with in 2-3 weeks. 

You'll apply all the fixes and maintain the log. We'll setup a follow up call in 3-4 weeks after applying the fixes.

In addition to the consultation, you get 3 months support either through emails or phone to clarify any doubts and check updates.



The cost is based on the number of finished and unfinished floors in the home. Basement will also be counted as a floor regardless of finished or unfinished; finished attic is also a floor. We don't consider doing a vastu for a partial home. 


Online Consultation:

single floor home -$150

2 floors home -$250

3 floors home -$350

4 floors home -$450


Consultation + Site visit (once) is additional $150 within 

Massachusetts and/or 50 miles radius from zip code 01803. Please send a message to get the quote for other locations.

Frequently Asked Questions


About Classes:


What supplies are needed for the class?

You need a laptop/desktop/iPad/Mobile device to connect to a zoom video conference in order to join the classes. You'll receive instructions about how to join online classes and other details after receiving your registration and payment. Students should bring a notebook and a pen for making notes, map of their home, a compass or compass app on iPhone. 


Do you offer free intro classes for new students?

First class can be joined as a trial before you purchase the entire session. All other classes are a continuation of the previous classes, so we don't offer free classes in the middle of the session.


What if I have more than 1 adult that wants to join? 

Since my classes are over zoom. The price is per couple! If a couple wants to join together, I’m more than happy to accommodate. 


What if I have to miss a class?

If you know you are going to miss a class, you must notify me 48 hours ahead of time via email. There are no refunds for missed classes. But I will try to do an extra class to make up for the missed information. 



We also have $10 per family referral discount. It will apply to your future classes, and there is no limit to this discount.


Known Issue:

If you're getting following error while clicking on the registration form: 

This site can’t be reached|The connection was reset.

Try: Checking the connection | Checking the proxy and the firewall | ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Solution: Disconnect from VPN and try again.